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Originally Posted by snowsaab View Post
Crazy ass Aussie indeed.

lol i like it. its different, nothing ive ever seen. i agree on paint matching it, and maybe getting some mesh in front of it, why not keep it nice for at least a little while anyway?
if you want to drive it with an unsafe bumper, so be it...fuck what anybody else cares.

hat tip; for creativity and having some balls
Thanks Snowy

Originally Posted by upstateViggen View Post
Very creative set up! I like the looks of it.

I was happy that I was able to fill up my bumper opening with mine:
I'd love to get my hands on a Viggen bar. They are like "chicken lips" around here

Originally Posted by Drew in Houston View Post
I wanna see a what kind of power/time it makes]!.
Yeah, me too Drew. I'm dying to get this thing on the dyno.
It's just started to get hot here as well,and it's only the start of spring

Originally Posted by Drew in Houston View Post
You still have the crumple zones...if you look how the crash bar supports are made, and take a look at one of these cars that has seen front end collision, it seem like the crash bar is there more to limit damage and maybe spread the force of a concentrated impact a little. From looking at crashed version it looks to me like the protection is in the crumple zones, not the crash bar itself. Ah whatda I know though.
I agree, It's still pretty solid. I know that it's not as solid as It would be if it was standard, but still it's solid.
If I ever have a front end smash I dont really think my little cut out is going to make a difference. The front end would be screwed in both cases.
But as Drew said, "Ah whatda I know though".
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