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The TD04 from the 9k will mount to the 9-5 manifold no problem. I would recommend porting the exhaust manifold though as it will have a round outlet to match up with the 5cm turbine housing the 9-5 uses, and the TD04 you have is the 6cm turbine housing, so it will have more of an oval/rectangular type of opening.

You need to find a compressor housing from a 9-5 with a TD04 and swap it because of the connection from the inlet pipe to the turbo. The 9k style compressor housing uses a slip on tube with a clamp. The 9-5 uses the "cobra" pipe and a v-band style clamp. So you will need the 9-5 compressor housing to go on there.

Mike D had a bunch of TD04's from 9-5's kicking around, maybe he'd sell you one of the compressor housings?
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