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red injectors in my 9-5

so, performance debate aside, I need some help.

It's been a while since I've swapped, but when I found out I had a bad injector, I bought a set of reds off ebay. They're supposed to be the same flow as brown, so I thought "no big deal".

now, somewhere along the line, I have a small fuel leak. I'm guessing it's the o-rings, since I re-used old ones, and I'm just not known for being delicate/gentle when needed.

so, I'm looking on ebay for o-ring kits, and I notice there's a BIG difference between the brown:

and red:

now, it's been a while since I swapped them, and I'm going to buy the kit for the reds, but what the hell is that middle o-ring for? I don't really remember having to mess around with the middle ring.

Also, those "vents" down around the bottom... what are they? do they go to nothing?

Thanks, guys!
Craig R.
2008 9-5 Aero-1995 900T 'vert
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