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Looking for a Saab 95 wagon/4dr. need help!!

sup guys, im new here. i mean to saabs. i just got a few questions regarding to a saab i will be getting soon and just wanna know the common problems and if it will be the right car for me to buy.

first off, i come from a Honda/Toyota/Subaru Family, something that a whole bunch of asian has and i wanna start something new, i seen couple of saabs 95 4dr/wagon driving around with some nice bbs rims lowered, it really caught my attention as the hondas and toyotas start to fade away. i just wanna know if there reliable as the japanese car maker, i understand that german cars are hard to maintance, so i just want you guys to give me a heads up for what i gotta look for when buying one and what common problem it has and too see if its something i can deal with. so any feedback will be appreciated.

im spec. looking for a 99-02 saab 95 wagon. i wanna go "stance" with these, i would look pretty SWEET!

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