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thinking of a 9^5 ...

edit: dammit, I saw there were two 9^5 forums, yet I still posted this in the wrong one .. Mods, can we move it?

sorry for the boring thread, but lately I have considered shopping for a 9^5 sedan to replace my 99 (for comfort/commuting). This forum seems a bit slow like the 99 forum, I guess SaabLink is mostly about 900s/9^3s!

I had never considered 9^5s before, so I know absolutely nothing about them.
A brief read online says they came with a 2.0T, 2.3T, and 3.0L V6; that some of the Turbos suffered from "oil sludge" problems; and that the 'Aero' is the sport model.
Seems like the motors have decent aftermarket upgrade support.

What other important maintenance items / prospective problems should I be aware of?
I would be looking for a 5-speed manual, earlier-model 9^5.


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Totally worth the money, they don't even make Saabs anymore!

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