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Originally Posted by mike saunders View Post
Heavier flywheel = more rotating mass = more drivetrain loss = slower time to build speed. A heavy flywheel would help if you revved the crap out of the car during a standing start, but the additional mass likely puts additional stress on the clutch.

The major immediate downside to a lightened flywheel is the mental and physical adjustment that the driver needs to make to compensate for the difference in clutch engagement. I stalled out a few times when I made the switch...
The lightened wheel is barely noticeable all I could feel was easier acceleration off the line ( less "bogging") and easier low rev modulation.

Originally Posted by mike saunders View Post
The heavier flywheel is helpful to fuel economy and to smoothing out the variance of the engine when you're on and off throttle, but....

It's really, really heavy.
Really did not see any difference in economy on the lightened wheel but like you said its really really heavy so taking 7 lbs off is prolly about right. A lightweight flywheel is an issue tho diveablility is different for sure
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