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Originally Posted by jssaab View Post
Many machine shops will lighten a flywheel like Nick says ( had mine taken down 7 bls, love how it works.

You can have it lightened and balanced without the rotating assembly,if you get it resurfaced lighening adds only a few dollars more.

Balancing the rotating assemply is part of race balacing the engine, you don;t need to do all that, you can jsut do the flywheel

I would recommend a lightened flywheel and Stock Aero clutch and pressure plate ( whether your car is LPT or not)
does the lightened flywheel make that big of a difference, from what i can gather. the only plus to having a lighter flywheel is the decel of the engine is quicker. which would only really help in tight turns? the only time you would notice a change is when rev matching while down shifting. correct me if im wrong but wouldnt you loose power off the line with a lighter flywheel? ive been talking to our shops grumpy old parts manager guru and he was suggesting geting a even heavier flywheel than stock to help hold power higher in the R's?

im slightly more confused than before, the trade off between a lightweight and a heavy flywheel would be the amount of force of the engine in middle or high end of the R's?

so the heavier the flywheel the more tq transfer i will have at redline?
there for a lighter flywheel would help with midrange tq???

im extremely curious as to what would be the best fit for my set up. any and all input is greatly appreciate, bear with me if im missing the point.
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