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Originally Posted by down's syndrome jet pilot View Post
Greetings Gents.

9-3s have always caught my eye. A lady in my neighborhood has one that looks great and she only wants 1000 bucks for it. It was her deceased husband's and she can't say a thing about it, but I know her. Her daughter told her to ask 1000 bucks for it.

The body and interior are straight. I didn't note the mileage. It starts up with a jump and a bit of vapor is visible in the exhaust. The coolant reservoir shows no sign of oil, but water is visible in the oil. When the engine is running I don't see any coolant entering the reservoir, presumably because the t-stat hasn't opened.

Unfortunately, I'm the kind of douche who gets on a forum and asks a question like this as his first post without providing all of the details. I'm at work and can't even recall if it's turbo or not.

Anything your wisdom would compell me to examine? What's it sound like so far?

If it sounds like a head gasket I'm interested, as I've had spectacular success with this hokey imported additive called K-SEAL.

Sometimes I just need more level-headed gentlemen as yourselves to talk me out of hare-brained ventures like this.

Profuse thanks,

Year and model 9-3?

The early Ecotecs had shitty castings that produced porous blocks
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