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Water in the trunk can be a tough one to figure out. Especially on a car with a small experience base.

Because of the large amount of water I'm gonna spin the wheel and say: Check the sun roof drains first (If you have a sunroof that is. Otherwise stop reading now and wait for a better answer lol).

Typically car makers will use sort of a labyrinth style seal arrangement on the glass/body meeting area, meaning that they expect the water to leak past an outer seal, fill a trough that's lower than the secondary interior seal, then drain away. So the 'drain away' part is handled by flexible drain lines on all 4 corners of the sunroof that travel to their respective corners of the car. The rear two probably follow the body/roof lines down and exit in the corners of the trunk through the floor. I've seen it on different models as well as older Saabs, but those tubes can pop out and dump the sunroof drains into the interior...leaving no sign of a leak anywhere but tons of water in the trunk. Those lines also get clogged too, then the symptoms are leaks when you happen to park on a hill with the clogged line on the downhill side and it happens to rain.

Pull back the trunk liner and look for a hose/tube that's supposed to be inserted into a rubber gromet but is not. One in each corner. If you're not up for that, park with the rear of the car facing uphill and then put a garden hose on it.

...of course it could totally be something else. Next you would have to start checking things like fuel filler door gaskets. Good luck. Hopefully someone else has a better answer and will pipe in.
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