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New Downpipe: GS vs. CTI vs. others

So it's spring and I'm ready to bump the 9-5 to the next level. Next up is the down pipe, and while I hear nothing but great things about the Genuine SAAB down pipe, and understand that it is a work of art, I'm just curious if there are any other alternatives out there? I'm a firm believe that you get what you pay for, so by no means do I expect some $200 alternative... There is CTI, which is local to me, but I've heard little to no feedback about their products/service.


I know there is also the homemade custom route, but that's not very realistic for me. I have a great custom exhaust guy I've used for years, but not sure that he would be up to the task of a stainless mandrel bent down pipe. I suppose I should at least give him a call...

Anyway, just looking for some feedback from anyone, whether you've purchased a GS pipe or otherwise. The GS pipe is $580ish plus I imagine shipping for an item that size will probably end up being another 30-40$.

Thanks in advance! I'm definitely excited to open up the pipes and get a retune by MikeD so I can really start to utilize the TD04-18t-6 I put in last summer.
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