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It's stage 5 time !!

Firstly thanks to everyone who has pointed me in the right direction and given me great advice. Without SC and TSL none of this would be possible.

All of my annoying threads and countless P.M's to everybody has culminated to this, My stage 5 install .
This is the result of 2 years worth of research. Buying bit by bit and sitting it on my workshop bench until I had everything in needed.

Currently I'm at stage 3. Here is a list of what's on the car at the mo.

*Full head rebuild
*Forge BOV
*Port matched cast intake throttle body
*Port matched air intake (turbo)
*Lowered suspension, Custom rear sway bar (doubled up and welded)
*Crossflow Bar & plate IC 27x7x3
*"Big T28" Hybrid turbo (Garrett) Built buy the G-pop shop (Thanks David)
*3' turbo back exhaust (custom)
*RJR 17' rims
*Turbosmart boost gauge
*Stage 3 ecu
* PFS steering rack brace
*K&N Pod filter with Taliaferro heat sheild
*Taliaferro short shifter
*Short belt mod

This is what I have sitting on my bench waiting to go on.

*Viggen clutch & pressure plate (Sachs)
*Clutch cable (OEM)
*Rear main seal & thrust bearing
*Taliaferro Poly engine & trans mounts, (All three)
*Walbro 255 fuel pump
*Bosch "Green giants" fuel injectors (42lb's)
*JZW stage 5 ecu (rev limted to 6500)
*Motec 3 bar map sensor
*E-bay oil catch can

Here is some pics

This is my beloved workshop (man-zone).

The Big T-28 (aka the David in Tallahassee)

B.L.T.H ... Brake late, Turn hard

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