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Air Induction Tube

Greetings all.
This is Mike Connolly AKA 900S - POP's. I have just discovered this site and am pleased to be here. As to the questions regarding the Air Intake Tube, It was designed and built by myself with the Help of a Very Good and Old Friend who now works at JPL ( Jet Propulsion Labratory ) in Pasadina Cal. The design uses the same technolgy as was used on the old style Hillborn Fuel Injection of the 1950's - 1970's. For the concerns of those about the 90 degree bend, rest assured that the design was worked out by the computers and air flow systems at JPL, and it works! Just ask those who have ridden in or driven MEATBALL. We will be making them for sale by the end of this year. We have not got a price on them at this time, but I will keep all informed. You may contact me at [email protected]
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