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WTF not another MAF gone bad?

Burnside got my 2000 hooked up after I found some air leaks and he figured out the MAF in may car was messed up. My wideband kept showing the AFR walking into lean ( 16-1 when in open loop.

He replaced the maf and the thing was zeroed in on Stioch most of the time after that, jsut a little fluctuation

Then today there it goes again, I get it crawling up to 16 when I start out in first and when I slow a roll though a stop and down shift. Not as bad as before ( it never got to 18 now) but it is definitely not as tight around 14.7 as before. Can't understand that a new MAF went that fast.

Other than that its running real nice, I will need to drop the car off for him to look at it I think I get some sort of warranty with dealer work
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