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Originally Posted by srp View Post
Not all the nuts and bolts.
The flywheel and pressure plate bolts and the axle nuts are "one time use".
: Noted on "to buy list"

Originally Posted by BuHuSPG View Post
The output of the transmission is not in the center of the car, it is over on the drivers side (actually, the whole transmission is really on the drivers side). The intermediate shaft lengthens the passenger side driveshaft. Effectively, the passenger side driveshaft is two main pieces, the intermediate shaft, plus the outer driveshaft which contains your CV joints. You'll know exactly what it is when you see it.
I know what you mean now,Thanks.
By the way I'm in the southern Hemi,My steering wheel is on the "RIGHT" side

Originally Posted by pitman View Post
if your removing the trans fill your own trans mount with polyurethane. its messy and takes time but you can do it if you can do a trans swap. you can fill the front mount too. i have pics of mounts i filled if you want them pm me. i can sell you a filled one i have already filled for $30 but shipping might kill it. plus if mine is too stiff you can drill out some material to soften it up. and just to let you know your car is going to shake like craazy if you do all the mounts. fine for a race car but not as good for street/daily. i did the trans mount and i can feel it a bit on start up and idle

also check out arp bolts for the flywheel

and i i like the cable clutch better than hydro. simple is better
Pitman, These home made mounts of yours, Are they as hard as race mounts ?
Are the GS "SPORT" mounts a bit softer than yours?

Originally Posted by DanF. View Post

Good luck. It's not that hard, just a bunch of bolts.
I think that's how I'm going to approach it . One step at a time.
Do one procedure than move onto the next.
B.L.T.H ... Brake late, Turn hard
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