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Don't psyche yourself out, it's not that hard. I've done about 9-10 now, in my driveway/garage on jackstands, getting faster each time.

Probably the most useful thing I've learned is something NickT pointed out to me. He told me to "sag the engine". After you have the subframe off and the engine/trans is being supported by your engine-suspension setup and the passenger side engine mount, put a floor jack under the engine/trans on the drivers side, to slacken the straps, and then make them longer to let the whole thing sag so that you can get at everything from the drivers side wheel well using sockets with extensions, double extensions.

The other thing is to make sure that everythings lined up when you're putting it back in . Pre-fit the driven plate onto the trans input shaft while it's outside the car, make sure it slides on smoothly, put a little moly grease on it. Then make sure the driven plate is centered correctly under the pressure plate, the plastic tools leave a little slop. Then when you're lining things up, have a screwdriver handy to advance/roatate the flywheel a tooth or two if the splines aren't lined up. Likewise for the passenger half shaft. If you force it, you can damage the splines, and then you have to pull the whole thing down again and file down the splines.

These trans are heavy but not crazy heavy, 110lbs I think. I put a rubber floor pad on my chest, put the trans on top of that, say a small prayer thanking God that I'm financially in a position to have a car that has a clutch problem and physically able to even think it's possible that I'm about to try lifting this stupid awkward thing, and then do a combination bench press, back bridge to get them in place. Not too hard, but you do have to be a little strong if you're going to try it w/o a trans lift.

I can do one complete in probably 5-6 hours, first couple took 2 days or so. I've heard of guys doing them in under 4 hours.
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