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Yep, plenty of time. The first time I did one, i got so frustrated when I had everything apart, i thought about parting the car out! (oh wait, you wanted encouragement)

Make sure you bust those axle nuts off first. They require a big socket that most people don't have. Do it with the car on the ground, with the wheels on.

Some people debate on whether to take the passenger side intermediate shaft off, i say do it.

Make sure you have ALL the bell housing bolts off. The instructions you found have the information you need.

Try to find a helper to get the box back into the car. Its input shaft has to fit perfectly into the clutch assembly. This can be tough if you are laying under the car with the transmission on your chest trying to do a bench press.

The first time I did it, I forgot to re-attach the ground wire to the transmission, so nothing happened when I tried to start the car. It took me a day to figure out what I forgot. Give yourself time to walk away and come back fresh.

Good luck, it's not terrible, but it can be bad. Consider doing a rear main seal too while you're there.
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