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Originally Posted by mike saunders
Don't skimp on rubber. I've known people to trick out their car with all sorts of expensive pretty bits then slap on a set of cheap-ass Brand X tires to save a couple hundred bucks....

I lucked out and found a set of crazy cheap 9-3 SS Aero BBS wheels and put on BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2.

Best handling set of tires I've ever owned, by far. Super sticky on dry pavement, great traction in rain. No sense of hydroplaning at all. Only drawback is that they're noticeably noisy just between 40 and 43 lie. Just that brief interval...
I too have these tires. They are fantastic in both dry and wet weather. They are a bit noisy like Mike said though. Need to make sure to rotate them. I have them mounted on 17" BBS RK II's.

For winter I am using the stock 16" 5-spoke wheels that came with my SE with Dunlop M3 Wintersports. Today was the first REAL snow they had to deal with and they did superbly.
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