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Originally Posted by Tweek's Turbos View Post
I may have a place in doors at my nearby other work to work on this car. The door seems 5.5 feet wide. But outside there may be a staircase in the way.

Also I can snag an 85ish N.A. 8 Valve head, will this work on the 78 B motor turbo?

I also plan on snagging the spindles and calipers from it, these bolt right up without much hassle?
It's as wide as a 900, I don't know how wide that is. Wider than a 96, narrower than a 9000.

An 8-valve H-motor head would not work without a lot of modification and I don't think there would be much benefit to it. There's a guy who put a 16-valve H-motor head on a B-motor block in his really nice red 99 sedan and it took quite a bit of modification, I remember seeing it at SOC10. You'd be better off going with either a complete H- or B- motor. Keep in mind that if you do the H-motor you'll need to put a dimple in the firewall to accommodate the water pump pulley.

Also, yes, '87 and early 900 front spindles and brakes will bolt right on. This is a good modification as it makes the front rotors on a 99 much easier to change. This is one of the first mods I did to my long departed '76 99 EMS that I drove in college.
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