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Originally Posted by jssaab View Post
All wrong for a T7 car, Its the T-stat, If T7 senses that the temp is not going to operating temp ( too low) in the required amount of time, it drops the Temp gauge to zero, kinda as a visual its not up to temp indicator ( there is no light) Did you notice the temp not quite making it to the 9 o'clock position prior to this?, it woudl indicate a failing T-stat...

that said for the V6 if you are in there do them both its not worth the hassle of dong one then tearing it al down to do the other...
I disagree. I have replaced several temp sensors to solve this problem successfully.

I've had temp sensor's go in and out on a test drive, and the needle will jump between normal and none and cause a cel related to open circuit, coolant temp sensor. I have not yet seen a failed t stat cause a full low warning, only a 1/4 way up the gauge or too slow to reach normal (and a cel sometimes for failed to reach operating temp in allotted time.)

I don't know of any 'feature' that T7 uses to give an exaggerated low temp signal for a thermostat failing. Where did you find mention of this?
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