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Big Brembos, Tiny Budget.

A pair of black cobalt SS brembos turned up at one of my regular yards, M & M auto Salvage in Stafford VA the other week. The hardware and pads were almost new, so I kept them and didn't spend the extra dough on new ones.

I have been wanting to get these since they are a 90% direct fit on the later build 9-5s. But couldn't justify the retail price on Genuine.

I needed to get some other parts, Including the 214mm 9-3SS Aero rotors, so I had the auto parts store next door order me up some Centrics.

These will fit under the dust shield on the 06-09 cars with the 308mm fronts.

I also got the Cobalt SS caliper retainer bolts. GM # 11570091

And these Roller bearings. The fit inside the hub bracket on the saab since the Cobalt SS bolts are a little smaller.

There was arguments back and forth on SC about custom lines, but it was said that the stock line with the smaller Brembo banjo bolt. I was going to go this route but couldn't get this far.

I have to order up some 5mm spacers and lug bolts, since these wheels need to be moved out further.

So for now, they are on my floor.

For a 06-09 9-5, you will need an E20 torx. Order one ahead of time, nobody carries them.

These are the brakes bolted on, but not plumbed. Need the spacers.

I have installed these, and one major thing that needed to be done was removing some material from the calipers to get them just right.

These are the 314mm rotors from the 9-3Aero I am using.

These are the rotors the caliper is used to using. If I read this correct, the Saab rotors are 2.3mm thicker than the cobalt ones. I believe this gave me the major clearence issue on the Pass side. Seems also if I used the Chevy rotors, I would need to use more than a 5mm spacer.

Next week, I plan on removing my drivers and pass side rotor, and having the machine shop remove some material from the inside of the rotors. This is probably something I would recomend for folks to do ahead of the install.

Also check the room for the pad as it wears down. Mine looked to be catching in the slide area and I filed a small bit of material out of the area the pad frame would slide against as it wears. I also gave the 2 edges of each pad frame a quick zip with a roto grinder and a schmear of copper grease.

This thread was a big help on SC.
Brembos installed - SaabCentral Forums
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can be prone to failure due to increased localized stresses in the hole penetrations

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