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So I took my car in Tuesday afternoon for a check engine light, loose center console panel and a malfunction light in the center color info. screen. That error read "Headlamp leveling malfunction. See service center." I had a couple other issues... But back to the 3 I mentioned here. I picked up the car yesterday. The dealer fixed the center console panel. They told me the engine light was on due to a code for a leak in the evaporator system. They claim to have run a test on the system 5 times and could not find a leak so they simply erased the error code. They also told me that they could not find a code for the headlamp error. I picked up the car yesterday.

Just a couple hours after picking up my car yesterday... It was around 6-7 so it was getting dark. All of a sudden the headlamp malfunction light came back on for 10 seconds or so. It went away. I was sitting at a stoplight behind an SUV. Out of no where both of my headlights started to literally bounce up and down together rather fast. (Imaging the words coming out of my mouth.) after heading back towards my house I got pulled over by a state cop. He asked me why I was "flashing my brights" at everyone! I told him the situation with my new car. He asked that I tow the car and I explained to him that I love close by and that I would take the car in to the dealer Thursday morning. I did just that.

Best of all??? I videotaped my car's headlights "freaking out" while I was at the stoplight so the dealer has no excuse for not fixing them this time because they could not figure out the problem.

I've owned my new 9-5 for 13 days and it's been at the dealer for 7 of them. Tomorrow will make it 8 for 14. I've been working with a district specialist from Saab. I've clearly expressed the fact that I don't feel safe in this car any more and that i would like to get into another new 9-5. She keeps telling me "I understand your frustration but we need to exhaust our options first." Whatever that means. She says the EXACT same thing every time. Talk about bad PR. I'm willing to stay with the brand and they want me to go through this.

My car had 105 miles on it when I bought it. It now has 740 miles on it. Somewhere between 210 and 230 of them are from driving the car to and from the dealer and from the dealer "test driving" the car. Come on Saab! I'm willing to give you another chance! Take back this lemon... Please!

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