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Originally Posted by Adrenaline406 View Post
Call 1-800-Radiator?

The radiator and the intercooler are different jobs, at least for how I went around it. For the intercooler, I took off the bumper and for the radiator I went in through the engine bay. They're separated by the radiator support, so I dont think there's another way.

Part numbers for the radiator: (Search these out and see who makes the best value)
Spectra Premium: Cu2080
Visteon: 9994
Modine: 2609
Carquest: 2080
I seriously don't see how you could have replaced the radiator without taking the bumper off...the AC condenser AND oil coolers are both attached to the radiator endtanks via screws that can only be accessed with the bumper off really.

So, in my experience, yes it would be easy to replace both at the same time as you need to take the bumper off for both jobs.
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