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So... I tried the USB connection for my iPod for the first time. After just a few minutes the music started cutting in and out and was followed by a very annoying "static" sound. I changed the USB cable and tried another iPod and had the same issue.

The mileage display which is located on the center of the speedometer randomly flashes on and off. The rest of the color screen is ok though.

This morning that same information color screen displayed a malfunction that read "Headlamp leveling malfunction. Visit service center." it went off and on 3 times.

Not too long after that my check engine light went on!!!!

I immediately took the car back to the dealer. I've now owned my brand new Saab a total of 11 days and it has been at the dealer a total of 5 of those days!

Not sure what else to say... When I talked to my Saab rep. she told me we have to "exhaust all options" before she considers a buy back. Good grief.
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