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Originally Posted by DrewP View Post
There was a service bulletin I read from GM about the 'doubled' lights in the windscreen, although it was directed towards the HUD image on Chevy trucks and Corvettes being doubled. The HUD windscreens have a special polarized film applied - the double reflection is caused by the light reflecting off the inside and outside surfaces of the glass, and the film is supposed to counteract this.

The bulletin asserted that some HUD cars had left the factory with non-HUD windscreens fitted, I would get it to the dealer and show a tech exactly what you are talking about.

The only HUD 9-5 I drove was during the day, so I can't say I noticed it myself.

Definitely bring it up at the dealer though, it shouldn't be doing that.

Well the double vision occurs across the entire windshield in three "rows" that go horizontally. It is not just where the HUD display is. The sales manager took a look and said that he's never seen such a thing before and that this is definitely defective. I then talked to a salesman who told me he's had dozens of people complain about what I described. He told me he called Saab and they told him to tell the customer to adjust their seat. Since the issue is across the entire windshield in multiple "rows" moving the seat doesn't help.

A few days ago I test drove a 2011 with the HUD and it also had this symptom however wasn't as severe as mine is. The dealer has agreed to order me a new windshield but I'm not sure if I should go with an exact replacement or go with the windshield made for cars without the HUD. I'm willing to lose that feature as long as I get a clear view through it.

The dealer and corporate Saab also acknowledged the HUD glare issue but said at this time there is no fix for it. I even read an article in a car magazine that recommended against getting this feature because the glare was so bad and distracting.

A new problem developed yesterday. Every so often the mileage on the center color screen will flash off and then right back on again. Only the mileage goes off... The rest of the screen remains fine. Any idea what would make this happen?

Thanks guys!
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