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Couple issues with my new 9-5

Hello everyone... this is my first comment/post/thread so hi... looks like there are quite a lot of knowledgable people here and I look forward to chatting with everyone.

So I picked up me new 2010 9-5 yesterday and I do have a couple questions/concerns.

1. The manual, GM press releases and my dealer insist that my car has passive entry however I do not see it in the Config menu. I also do not see the sensor on the driver door handle as the manual shows.

2. The HUD display quite often hits the sun in a way that sends a disabling death ray at me... almost like I'm looking at the sun. Is there is fix for this besides covering the entire unit with a piece of material?

3. Last but not least is the biggest concern of mine. Any sort of light (headlights, stop lights, LED lights on cars like Audi and Porsche) come through the windshield "doubled." In other words at a stop light for example it looks like there are two red lights stacked on top of each other. The strip of LED's on a new Audi looks like there are two strips.

This problem seems to run in the windshield in horizontal strips that run across the entire length of the window. So if a light comes in double it will go away if I sit up a couple more inches or down a couple more inches. There are 3 or 4 strips like this that cause the doubling effect. I honestly can't see myself driving the car like this at all and need to figure this out asap.

Any help with these would be truly appreciated! Thanks
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