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My 9-5 experience

Alternative subject: why I will NOT buy the 2011 9-5

As you may know, a few days ago I was fortunate enough to rent a 2011 9-5 2.0 4-banger (Biopower) from National Cars. I drove the car for 4 days and did about 2500 miles in city, highway and scenic roads (Natchez Trace Parkway). I have literally spent so much time with that car that I thought it was mine. Over these 2500 miles, I felt happy, sad, overwhelmed, scared and - damn - I even cried a little. And although, owning a 2010 (or 2011) 9-5 was a goal for the next year, I'm afraid I have to give Saab a piece of my mind.

And to be fair, here's the sticker of the car I had:

The things I liked:
  • Damn thing looks a-w-e-s-o-m-e !! Heads keep turning towards me and they're all like "WTF is this?". I'll never forget the poor guy (customer) at the National Booth and that look in his face when he saw driving it away. And every time a "fancy" car would pass me or stop next to me I was going "raspberry" all the time
  • Handling: This thing stays on the road like it's a freaking train! Driving in the Northern Natchez Trace Parkway, I was able to stay on the road doing 90 mph in close turns and I couldn't even hear the tires squeaking!
  • Even for a 2.0 4 banger, the car is flying! Specially when playing the "Swedish Roulette" you can feel the turbo kicking in like there's no freaking tomorrow. I can easily say it's feels faster than my 3.0
  • The brakes: I have never felt more safe and secure in a car than in this one. The pedal is extremely responsive and accurate. Even when I tried to, I wasn't able to "force" the ABS and trust me, I did try...
  • Although the mid-beam is average, the high beam turns a SC dark night into a bright day.
  • The signal switch has that awesome option to just press once and it lights for 3 times for passing or lane change. Love it! I'm not sure if it was in the pre-2010 models though. It's not in the '02 for sure.
  • The windows switches are all automatic. And not only from the drivers' console but in every door handle. It was about freaking time!
  • There is an iPod USB port. That was a nice touch. Of course this will probably change with the IQon... Also a normal jack-in for AUX.
  • The armrest is very stable and comfortable, with a dual (hidden) compartment. No coin holder though
  • A fantastic and very clever small pouch right in-front of the seats for papers! Very clever!
  • About the mirrors. There was something with that "corner" design that made me thinking, and when I sat on the seat I finally got it! That extra little corner on the upper side of the mirror eliminates quite a few blind spots. But still, I couldn't completely trust it. I always had to turn my head and check.
  • The idea of having lower cabin lights was very nice. Keeps it warm and helps you find stuff when it's needed without switching the main cabin lights.

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