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Originally Posted by BuHuSPG View Post
I think that we can all agree that we'd prefer if the site was owned by an enthusiast, however, I'm confused as to what people are seeing that is causing them to lose hope.

Nothing. Yet. Well, if you count a few people whining about the 4 little links at the bottom of the page for social media sites, then yeah, something happened.

Certainly the new owner is not attentive, and that has caused some day-to-day maintenance issues. Did we not have them before?

Yes, we did have them before, and they went on for much, much longer. I think we were down for 5 days late last summer. The site came back up, and nothing was said.

Now, with the new owner, people bitch when it's out for 3-5 hours.
(burnside the whiner, I'm looking at you)

I'm not trying to be an asshole here, I think the way this all went down was a crock of shit, and I'm just waiting to get pissed enough to bring to roof down on the place. That has not happened. Yet. If I get pissed, it's going to happen.

I've been coming to this forum for less than a year now, so I'm certainly a noob in that respect. I did not have the benefit know prior owners, or knowing if things were better in the past.

Kinda. Some upgrades were made, every once in a while, but TSL was on back burner status for at least 3-4 years. Perhaps that's why so many Saab people felt safe here...because nothing changed.

Some folks here have witnessed the ill effects of forums transferring to new owners who are only looking to monetize the content and traffic. What is the consensus now:

That is definitely happening here
That is likely to happen here <------?
That might happen here

I certainly don't know whats going on, I'm just trying to make sure people don't jump ship to soon. I've enjoyed my (short) time here.

Eh, wait and see is my feeling on it. I'm sorry other people don't feel the same way.

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