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What interface are you using to view the data stream? I'm not expecting to get to play with one of these for several years at least, and doubt that I will upgrade the ship to the GM GDS scan system for them anyway.

You're right, there is very little information on the adaptive lighting programming logic in the service info, other than it does say US/Canadian models shouldn't have Town/Country/Tourist/Adverse Weather lighting options, but it's definitely possible the car was mis-programmed from the factory.

'Country' lighting mode should only be active between 31-62mph

See if your owner's manual has the section that tells you how to put it in 'Tourist' mode (meant for going to the UK, where it disables the upsweep pointed off to the right and raises the left light) and see what happens?

This is all there is on the logic of the adaptive forward lighting:

Originally Posted by SAAB
The adaptive forward lighting consist of the following components:

• Headlamp Control Module

• Headlamp actuator - left

• Headlamp actuator - right

Dynamic Curve Light

Bend lighting is a function depending on the following signal input values:

• Steering angle

• Vehicle speed

• Yaw Rate

The appropriate swivel angle is calculated based on vehicle speed and the steering angle value.

Town Light

Town Light is activated when the vehicle's speed is below 50 km/h (31 mph). Light distribution is reduced to a smaller area in front of the car with a wider light image due to low speed.

Motorway Light (not US/CA)

If vehicle speed is above 90/100 km/h (62 MPH) for a certain time (or once above 120/130 km/h (75/80 MPH) and the corresponding road category is identified, the headlamps will be switched to a motorway light distribution. During motorway light the light output of the HID bulb is increased to 38 W by electrical power management. This improves the visibility range at the far end of the road.

Country Light (not US/CA)

Country light replaces the current low beam and will be controlled based on programmable vehicle thresholds as well as corresponding road detection. The vehicle speed has to be between 50 km/h (31 MPH) and 100 km/h (62 MPH). Country light is the default light distribution at 35 W. Light distribution is reduced on the left side to prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled.

Tourist mode (not US/CA)

The tourist mode functionality switches the adaptive forward lighting headlamps into a non dazzling mode, if the traffic regulation moves from left hand traffic to right hand traffic and vice versa. The function is switched on/off with the same stalk/switch combination. The "high beam flash" has to be activated with the ignition on (System Power Mode = RUN). The "high beam flash" remains activated until the warning indicator within the instrument panel cluster starts flashing (4 s) and an acoustic indication is sent. Then activation takes approx. 3 seconds. An activation flag must be set in the function for adaptive forward lighting ECM and stored in non-volatile memory. Each time the ignition is switched on and the tourist mode is active, the warning indicator is flashing about 4 s. The tourist mode is deactivated with the same procedure described above. The function is switched OFF, if an acoustic signal is sent (Warning indicator remains inactive).

Adverse Weather Light (not US/CA)

Adverse weather light will be switched on while the vehicle speed is below 100 km/h (62 MPH) and the windscreen wipers are activated. The HID bulbs will be powered with different values:

• Left: 38 W, Town Light distribution is adjusted 15 degrees to the left.

• Right: 38 W, Country Light distribution.

The main advantage is that reflections on the wet floor are reduced to a minimum. This is noticeable as well for oncoming traffic as for the driver. The area in front of the car becomes weaker but with a wider light image.
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