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Originally Posted by cking1975 View Post
Im sorry but Saab is probably 5 years behind BMW...there is nothing about this car that could out perform the M5 from 5 years point is...why are these cars so expensive ? I mean...what I am getting for 55K !

There is nothing to argue about here...

2006 BMW M5 vs. 2011 Saab 9-5
A couple of things here, my car stickered for close to that and I paid significantly less. As others here pointed out similialry equipped BMW, Audi, Benzs will be considerably more. The blanket statement of 5 years behind is, I assume, an opinion not based on facts. For one thing the Haldex XWD is about as cutting edge as there is. The "Drivesense" option is as good or better than anyone else is offering currently. There is no way this car is 5 years behind BMW. Check out the most recent 5 series reviews and there is a lot of consensus that BMW has screwed up one of their most important attributes, steering feel.

I've driven this car for more than three months now and I will certainly agree with most of what the Edmunds reviewer said. I am not saying the car is as prestigious as the other brands, but it certainly can compete performance wise. You need to drive it, and more than a quick test drive to appreciate the car.
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