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i would not take a 528 over a 9-5 (too slow), and after driving one for the past 24 hours (sort of, i actually spent more time playing with stuff in the car and staring at it...) i almost wouldn't even consider the 535, the BMW has slightly better suspension and the transmission is smoother, but the 9-5 aero feels really good, although not quite as refined as the BMW, and i don't agree with them saying the steering is better, but it handles awesome, corners level, and in general handles like a car that is much lighter. Also with the price i can pick up a left over 2010 aero for, its pretty much a no brainer, ends up being about 10k less than a comparable german option. I did notice that only one side lights up in reverse, i just assume its a bad LED, because i doubt they would pull another 9000 cse type deal.
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