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[QUOTE=jssaab;791660]Not "Fake" its real, just scratch it and see, it splinters real nice, its just a laminate tho, really thin wood... ask me how I know...

This from a blog by the oldest Saab dealership in the US, Charles River Saab:

Another change for 2011 is the addition of wood-grained material on the dash, console and doors. I like wood. Iím a cellist; I appreciate beautiful wood handled in an artistic way. I like wood in a car. I donít like fake wood. Saabs of old, say, 2001 and earlier, used a beautiful wood sealed in epoxy. More recent cars have had fake wood, albeit pretty good. The material in the 2011 9-5, especially in the shapes to which it is modeled, is so clearly plastic as to verge on the offensive. If this were a Rolls or Bentley, I might believe that hunks of wood were carved into exotic shapes for the application on the console. Not only does the shaping of this plastic convince one that the material is not wood, but the seams in the console pieces have gaps which amplify the tawdry result. Even the Lacrosse handles the fake wood thing better.

I haven't seen it but the pictures don't look too impressive. Some have complained about the Aero interior, I think, for the most part it's fine. I like the metal accents, maybe some carbon fiber around the NAV area would be nice. I saw that, not in the US, Hirsch has a leather upgrade for the Aero dash. Not sure about that.

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