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Originally Posted by Raven18940 View Post
Hey, I have that in my Aero and I like it.
Originally Posted by JTMav View Post
Are they really putting fake wood(plastic) in the non Aero interiors? That would be disappointing at this price point.

Not "Fake" its real, just scratch it and see, it splinters real nice, its just a laminate tho, really thin wood... ask me how I know...

Originally Posted by Jameson View Post
Wow, that's sooner than I expected.
Saw one off the truck at my dealer last week, but they were haveing an intro this week and did not even take the palctic off.

the big sunroof is really nice... is the 2.0 T8? Is it tunable? the turbo is behind the engine ( with the exhaust) so it could be hard to swap turbos i would imagine
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