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Originally Posted by bruceinmiami View Post
weighs as much as an audi a8 or s550. (4300lb vs 4400lb)
gm really needs to engineer their chassis more thoroughly.
I recall something about the Alfa chassis Saab helped develop for what was supposed to go under a new 9-5 weighing a bunch because Saab kept on make it stiffer and stiffer and safer.

Saab safety is surely one of the reasons the car weighs so much.

Originally Posted by bruceinmiami View Post
this is why they wont sell more than a few thou:
Quickly looking at the Specs, it has the most power, most space, and comparable gas mileage. Longest and second best turning circle. I'm sure there are some other favorable points for the 9-5. It's prob. the safest car of the bunch.

The A6 trim level/drivetrain is not comparable to the others.
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