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Originally Posted by aireeca View Post
Blix gave me the card for a guy in Brooklyn - Swedish Saab service. 718.622.3838. Can't say anything more than that. Haven't used him myself.
Swedish Saab Services (brooklyn) is run by roland, he works only on saabs from what I know, though i have seen a totaled beemer outside his shop once.

He's a handy enough guy, and sells a few saabs himself, they're outside his shop. I've seen him do everything from routine brakes to engine rebuilds. The first couple of times I went to him he was nice and friendly. The last few times I went, he either wasnt there, or he was dicking around with a buddy's saab and I didnt feel welcome at all. Also he's by appointment only.

Im sure he knows the trouble spots to look at though for a pre purchase inspection. He could give it a quick rundown with a tech2 also.

Charges $95 an hour last I was there.

tl;dr mixed feelings about him but he knows his shit well enough.
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