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Steve Hayes did mine about a year and a half ago. It only boosts to 15psi, and on the wideband, it was high-11's low-12's @ WOT (on a dyno)
It's worth mentioning I did just swap to a H.O. t7 head, and it's possible the headgasket didn't seat correctly. (also possible I didn't torque the ARP's enough.)

This motor never overheated, according to the SID, (never went over 102*)
with the old, and new head on it.

I kind of assumed that #3 would be the most-likely, as well... I was a little shocked to see #1 be the low one.

The motor isn't making any noise, idle doesn't dip... seems normal, aside from sounding like a subaru, and having no balls.

oh well... if I have to, I'll pick up some JE's or whatever, hone it, and go back at it.
Craig R.
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