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Originally Posted by av_dumitrascu View Post
Oh, my...been there, done that, with my 9-3 vert
I will keep the 9-5 Aero like this...and btw, it`s an automatic, so no LSD for the gearbox. Also, the tires are 225/45/17 Vredestein Ultrac, so I`m set here.

I really don`t need an intercooler or a better intake for this stage 3 (which is final on the 9-5), but I really need the exhaust and the suspension mods.

Still pondering about a Koni FSD kit...but the springs are sooo bouncy
Would the Koni FSD work with lowering springs? If "yes", what lowering springs should I take, for a 9-5 Aero 2004 sedan?

P.S. Since it`s a city car, no high revs for the time I hope no problems for the turbo until I change the exhaust If anyone knows more, please chime in!
UH you really need an exhaust NOW... you are pulling hugh EGTs with that set up ( and not IC and intake) so I woudl stay off WOT until you get the exhaust.
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