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when i drove yesterday home via the city center of Tampere (Finland)
Again, PLING PLONG, and a lot of smoke... DAMMIT!

Stopped on the side, looked at the hose that came of earlier, but that was still ok. But there was about 4L of water under the car...
As it was only 3km to home, filled up the car and drove home.

Let the car cool down and fill it up,

- start car with coolant cap open and stays open
- interior heating on max
- keep coolant canister full by filling it when it sinks.
- car was started at 45 degrees C and some air bubbles come up.
- warms up to 80 C and hose between radiator and engine starts to get warm
- warms up to around 97 C and a big fountain goes out from the coolant canister.
- resulting in an empty coolant system and this

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