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Project 95 flying dutchman


will start right away with many updates and pictures.
just realized i registrated ones on this forum and now want to show what i have done so far. More like a project page. (hope its in the correct subforum)

Have a 95 2.3LPT 1998

changed powerflex front and rear

engine will be changed later but have to clean now the oilpan as the car was anyway up in the lifter

usual problem but not bad.


few days later i start working on my donor engine, which comes from a 1994 9000 CSE 2.3L.

old shit goes out...

my dirty garage

(meanwhile some wax on wax off process :P )

while i was waiting for my new engine parts from PFS.

JE pistons not from there

new wheels when it finally became summer

Next new engine build up...

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