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The Louver Thread

From the 86 SPG I bought, it came with a set of louvers - but, they had to be shipped to me because his son had taken them to a friends house to repaint them. I finally got them last week. When I finally pulled them out of the box, I was holding plastic in my hands, not aluminum... And so begins a louver mystery.

I havent ever seen these on any other Saab, and havent seen them offered elsewhere. Maybe Im just missing them someone online, but i havent found them anywhere. They came with the car when the pervious PO bought. He mentioned that he was in the military, and said he brought back a few parts from Europe. Im guessing, this is one of those 'parts'. Here are some pics.

the backside of the logo

the mounting holes, upper & lower, for the tabs that came in the mounting kit

And it ACTUALLY came with a manual & mounting kit!

the plastic tabs are attached with the glue it came with - but I'll prolly just use silicone. The tabs just have a protrustion (tiny boner) that fits up into the circular mounting ponits on the upper/lower sections. Even came with a new set of those little pieces too... neat!

It fits perfectly on the window though, matches right up. Im a little offended that they're plastic... I only saw them from a distance when I looked at the car the first time, so i didnt really think anything of it - they didnt really look any different. The kid said that he had spray panited them half primer color, and didnt finish the rest - but I dont see any paint, or primer anywhere. I think the kid was most likely just trying to keep them for his Z project. Kept trying to put off going to get them to ship to me, and kept telling me how they were in bad shape, etc, etc. Anyway - it looks like the orig. color - but I'll prolly re-paint them myself (any color suggestions? do i go black, or try to color code them Ed. Grey??

Here is an original set of classic metal louvers, for comparison. I'm torn between the looks of the two. However, the metal ones dont seem to fit near as well. The plastic ones had coverage all the way around the window, no gaps - these dont.. maybe they're not supposed to. Anyway, they look a tad bit off because I had to let them hang at the bottom, since they wouldnt stay put on their own. picshurs

under these circle points, there are pivotal 'plates' that slide under the weatherstripping, and can be adhered to the car. The plates are affixed to the louvers, not removeable. There are also some on the top part of the louver. here...

thi is teh part I dont like - they're sitting a little low anyway because they slid down the window - but anyway, I dont like how far they stick up at the bottom.

and the plastic set again, so you can pic compare..

Tell me what you think of the plastic louvers, and any info if you have it. Anyone have pics of these on a car elsewhere? Does anyone else have these? Oh hai, are they rare?

Let me know your opinions (because we all know just how opinionated TSL folks are*)

Louver Informational Thread.

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