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Question How would you build this car with this pile of parts?

Ok now that the turbo'd notchback is getting wrapped up, im looking at starting on the next project.

Car is a special 70's green 78 99 hatch. stock normally aspirated motor is shot. I have two ways to go with this, and welcome your all's input.

I have available a wrecked donor car, a 79 99 notch, turbo 8v, 5spd, euro CIS, good green interior, totally Euro stock (imported from finland, via canada, to my house, sold, wrecked, resold, now available to me again.)

I also have a 85 16v turbo, with rebuild 5spd, modded turbo, sitting here on the floor begging for Trionic5 setup.

I also have a set of midline black racing seats, big brake kit for early c900, bolt in 6 pt rollcage, two sets of racing wheels, and fuel cell, that will fit in the car.


do I build it as a psuedo 78 99t hatch, with complete 79 donor car using its CIS, engine, trans, interior, inca wheels, exhaust, headlight, etc etc


strip interior, 16vT, 5spd, Trionic5, rollcage, fuel cell, etc

or even a combination using the above parts...what do you think?


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