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Pop goes the motor

The head on the 9-5 is junk now. So now is the time to replace the weaker parts with better parts.

Basically no warning what so ever. Was idling at a stop sign after driving through town for quite a ways and I heard a small pop then the motor dies. So at first I was like WTF that's weird cranked the motor over and yep definately 2 dead cylinders.

So Dave () helped me push the car off to the side of the road to try to figure out what the hell happened. I crank it over again this time another pop and a ton ton of ticking. Look under the hood and sure enough I have a nice hole in my valve cover and I'm staring at the exhaust cam gear in the hole.

So tow it back to the shop, I take off to finish my trip to the Meyer store in another car and Rob () sends me this picture after he took the valve cover off.

Great. The cam gear decided to destroy it's self hence after taking the head off bent all 16 valves.

So to remedy this problem the computer went to Nick to get re-burned from stg. 2 to stg. 3, scavenged a new set of valves out of an old blown up 205R motor, rounded up a pair of T5 cams, ordered a set of GS upgraded valve springs and ARP head studs, and ordered a whole timing/balance gear rebuild set.

This should take care of the head next will be the bottom end once I melt down a piston.
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