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Originally Posted by lms View Post
Very nice indeed!
John, what have you done to your new viggen?
Nice runs Moose, I bet that thang is a blast to drive on the streets! Still comes on fairly quick, yet pulls harder and longer than the 3071wg. If you had cams, that would put you over 400whp, but would also rob some bottome end. Its always a trade-off, bottom vs top and where do you want the power to be in rpm and how much do you want.

Ims, I kept the viggen stock for 3 days I was very impressed with it in stock form. I did put in t5 cams and the 6cm2 turbine housing from a 9k aero and with the light Woessner pistons and the lightly lightened stock flywheel, the car is very fast. I am surprised! Its an 02 model and they were rated at 230bhp and they have leaned out the fuelling map to get that extra power and it goes very well indeed.

I have now tune it for stg 1 and set up the knock counters in the sid function so I can see the knocking counts on each cylinder and then reduced the timing so I only get about 1 knock count per pull. It was about 3-4 knock counts per pull in stock form and made about 1140 airmass. I have it making about 1220 airmass now and raised the first and second gear torque limits. Its a fairly quick car now.

Next will be a stg 3-4 with the ets ic and 3" JT exhaust. The last step will be stg 5 e-85 flex fuel.

b234r ng900, E-85 Holset Super [email protected] mph a mile high 645whp/650wtrq Sae Denver
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