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soon enough, I'll get a dyno run......people around here don't really want to give me the time of day.. I remember searching for this turbo, and wanting the smallest one I could find, just to make it streetable for my tastes, not a dyno queen...... I think when I get her on the rollers, as JZW thinks, I'll be around 3071 territory (which is the turbo I almost put on)...guessing close to 390-400whp if I'm lucky...on regular gas. I could've bought the bigger HX35 or 40, and I'm impressed with more numbers, but I feel that if my peak power was higher, I'd have to wait longer and it wouldn't be of much use to me other than on the drag strip...... but to each his own! I'm incredibly happy with the way it feels all around... My butt dyno tells me I have a nice, usable power band, quick and smooth spool, it feels just on the verge of traction loss in 3rd gear from 4000 rpm to 7200..., so I'm quite happy with it all in all....especially since that takes me to "go straight to jail" speed. I am really and truly happy with this setup, it's very drivable, it has 10psi by 3200 rpm....and ramps up quickly after that to 30.... I've stared at Comtrang's dyno sheet for awhile and feel confident that I'll make more power a good bit earlier, but I won't make the peak power he has.... which is good for me...... I think the flow that these Holset's are capable of, you'll have to up the rev limit quite a bit to make use of it, then we're into different cams, valve springs....forged internals...etc... I've always said that I want to just push the stock T5 block to it's safe limits...(which may be higher)...but this is safe to me..and I started my upgrades with Jak Stoll long ago, and remember a lot of what we talked car has 150,xxx miles on it... what can I say, I'm impressed, and very, very pleased with what she's doing now....... And let me tell you, JZW has been incredibly patient with me....I don't know how he has the time to answer the phone and deal with me as much as I harass him, but he's good people.... I give him a little feedback based on what I'm feeling in the car, I might send him some T5suite feedback and ....45 minutes later, he poops another tune out, and don't think that it's just a simple change or two, I compare the .bins to the last one each time....he's not just playing in one map or two... I'm glad I've got his experience working for me..... This car is running better and safer than it would've had it been on my own...... I think I'm where I want to be as far as turbo size, my next step is E85, timing is the one spot that has been most noticeable to me and the butt dyno, just 1 degree, I swear I can feel it... e85....from what I hear.... ooooooohhhh...oooo can't wait to try it......... On top of all of this, I've had an incredible amount of beer and wine to drink this evening and I still feel relatively coherent........ I can't wait to beat on my car again this that wrong?!!?!? Really, I'm going to beat her bad.... eventually, once the stars align, I'll have all the crap out of my car, with less fuel, then I'll get a good speedo run, as light as my heavy ass convertible can be much more weight do I have as a vert>>???

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