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Cool Misfire? or timing?

What's up saab nation..........
i drive a 99 saab 95 and a month ago i was at the gas station filling up when it started to have a moment.(lol)
I got a rough idle and vehicle died on start up. I limped it home under throttle..... got out the obd2 reader and pulled random misfire codes. I thought at first it had to be the di cassette kicking the bucket. (the vehicle has 170k on it pretty sure it's original.) Now today i got a used di from the salvage yard from a vehicle that had "rapping" issue, so i thought the ignition would be fine. i put it in and now i got a p1300, p0300, and p0340. Now i expected the first two codes ( po300, p1300) but the p0340 (camshaft position sensor bank 1 low circuit) through me for a loop. The vehicle does actually sound like it is out of time. What i am wondering i guess is whether or not it's a timing issue, or ignition ( bad di cassatte from salvage)?
Also i guess is there anything i should know about about purchasing di cassettes is there something other than colour matching ( red, black ) should i look for?
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