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Originally Posted by bobg450 View Post
I've been watching all this trans talk. The diesel 6 spd final drive ratio is different than the petrol, I assume, so that daily driving would require being in a lower gear (5th or 4th) unless the petrol ratio is installed. Maybe I'm wrong and the deisel has a much lower top speed (mph/kph) but If I'm right you'll be able to break the 200 MPH barrier with your higher revving petrol engine. You can go to all the bother with changing the final drive ratio, if necessary, and the mounts, axle shaft, flywheel, and bell housing. All these issues can't be worth the time and money when Nick prefers the convential transmission he uses. We call this re-inventing the wheel over here and all I can say is that I wish I had all the time and money that goes into projects like yours. I wish you well in your endeavor to build a one of a kind Saab.
That's why I mentioned it makes a Quaife seem more feasable and it's difficult having the luxury of Nick's expertise when I'm in Northern Ireland even though he does seem to give a lot of his experience free of charge here and elsewhere...maybe I'll be using that upright milling machine sooner than I thought...maybe one day I'll get a tutorial pm'd to me...HINT
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