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Originally Posted by Vigge View Post
With E85 you need to run more timing since you dump alot more fuel into the cylinder and if you dont the benfit will be negative.
Anyhow just a reference I run 14deg timing with 34psi with norml gas
Key more me is to have the engine working 110% with normal fuel and then E85 if needed, but use it as band-aid to cure/hide problems is a no-go.
I was able to run 13 degrees timing with crappy 91 pump gas here in Colorado with w/m injection, but without it, I could not run as much.

I realize you have to run more timing just to get back to where you are with gasoline, but this was an increase in performance at 15* timing up top and I am just getting started

I will keep bringing the timing and boost up until I get to that level where its not doing any good to increase the timing.

For elevation, its a miricle fuel, its a very nice upgrade to get back some of the power lost from sea-level and with the cooler egts and coolant temps and no knock, its a great way to make good power and be green and in Colorado that is huge! There are tons of people that want e85 just because of the low emmissions and the side effects are great!

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