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E-85 fuel is awesome!!!

I just wanted to say that for anyone that has been thinking about e85, its really something and last week I tuned a flex fuel 95 and that car just came alive and I was blown away at the power that is available with e85 and the car ran cooler and with no knock at all. I ran it on gas at first and it was ok, but when I put in the e85, the car just came alive and the torque was really nice, it was a real screamer.

Today I converted my car with Holset super 40 to e85 and boy is it screaming!!! With only 23psi, I was able to run 15 degrees of timing up top with 0 knock and the car was flat screaming! I am really liking the e85 and with Dallas's viggen and Isea's 95 and my ng900 and the soon to be Steve's biopower 9k, its really worth doing! The power increase is awesome, the cars run cooler and the chance of knock is reduced a good bit.

I put in 1000 cc flow matched injectors and it ran 9.8/1 on a test pull with gasoline and then with e85, it was just about 11.7/1 and by the time it adapted, it was right at 12.0/1 at 23psi. I plan to raise it on up to the 27psi range and or until it starts to spin in third gear. I should have enough fuel and I can't wait to get it all dialed in. I have second gear at base boost and with e85, it just spins a hair if I hit a bump or uneven road surface, its getting close, but still need a little more work.

If anyone is thinking of e85, its well worth the trouble to convert it over and that usually only requires fuel injectors and a tune or maybe a pump in some cases.

b234r ng900, E-85 Holset Super [email protected] mph a mile high 645whp/650wtrq Sae Denver
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