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Originally Posted by JK View Post
Why would you wait to put the drain plug in until after you start filling it?

Other than that you might want to think about changing it about 3 times in close succession since the majority of the fulid will be in the little passages and sitting the torque converter.

I usually do a drain and fill, drive 5-10 miles, drain and fill, drive 5-10 and drain and fill one last time. I do it about every 3rd oil change now.

edit: now that I think about it, I probably did the tripple flush once and I think more recently I have only drained and filled twice because the fluid looked decent after the 2 draining.
I always do it when i change oil. I only pour a little bit until i can see it come out the bottom clean, make sure all the old oil gets pushed out. Idk if it works the same way with transmission fluid.

Ill definitely triple flush, thanks for the suggestion. One more thing, can i use some cheapo fluid to flush and then fill it with the proper recommended fluid or should i just stick with the recommended one for all 3 flushes??

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