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Troll R+ (my project updated)!!!

Just found out that in 2000, there were some 20 pieces of 9-3 2.3 T5 named Troll R Hirsch. They made 305HP stock. So I have decided to forget about "stage X" project and call mine the "Troll R+" project. After all, this is what the trolls called it!

So, after some hard working and $$$ spending, I am getting somewhere...Flex Fuel included.
This post will be edited, so check from time to time, if interested.
Some pics:

- 17x7,5 Stern rims, sand-blasted and powder-coated;
- 225x45x17 Vredestein Giugiaro design tyres,
- 336mm 6pot WP PRO brakes on front;
- 330mm 6pot WP PRO brakes on rear (including hand-brake). The brakes are a "bolt-on" swap (came with everything: mounting brakets for calipers, stainless steel lines, s.o.). I could've go for various colors (cooper, red, etc.) for the brake calipers and the rotor hats, but I choose black-is great! Let me tell you: this BBK really stop your SAAB! (Nick T. was not exagerating when he told me this are a little bit "over-kill" for the Viggen). Quite pricy, also...;
DONE!!!Managed to get my hands on a set of Hirsch 19" rims (the 19'' 3-spokes design), and Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 235/35/19! And since a thread delivers only with pics, expect tomorrow pics with the wheels installed.I am thinking how will they look painted black? Please don`t call me a noob Anyway, I will downgrade to 225/35/19 GoodYear F1 asymmetric, for suspension reasons...

- Koni Sport Kit (all 4 Shocks matched to 4 lowering springs). Great Package value, from Nick T., but of course! And just forget about "experts" opinions about this works just fine!
- Steering Rack Brace & Clamp Kit;
- Strut Brace;
- Rear Anti-Roll (anti Sway) Bar - 22mm version;
- 6-Point Subframe Brace;
- hardened urethane filled Upper Strut Mounts;
- Uprated Front ARB Bushings;
- Steering Rod Bushings;
- Poly Rear Axle Bushings;
- Uprated Suspension Bushings Inner;
- Uprated Suspension Bushings Outer.

- upgraded from 2.0 to 2.3 liters (crankshaft & connecting rods from a B235 engine);
- Wossner mild coated forged pistons for B235;
- T5 cams swap instead of the T7 stock cams;
- balance shafts deleted;
- NGK BCR8ES Spark plugs (although not everyone agrees with this option);
- Open Air Intake;
- Turbo Intake Pipe-upgraded BIG COBRA version;
- TD04-HL19 6cm^2 exhaust housing;
- Forge diverter valve with yellow spring and no spacers;
- ETS performance Intercooler;
- 3.0 bar FPR (the 3.5 FPR is not used in this configuration by Maptun);
- 750cc fuel injectors (those 850cc injectors were more like a head-ache);
- 255 lph Walbro in-tank fuel pump;
- Samco silicone hoses-complete set (blue);
- Sport Engine Mount (stage 2);
- Sport Transmission Mount;
- Amsoil BIG performance oil filter (some more 2 liters of oil in the engine);
- Oil Gauge (green dial 0-7) from Speedparts;
- oil swap to Mobil1 5W 30, from initial Mobil1 0W 40 (the balance shafts deleted, BIG Amsoil filter, Oil gauge and Mobil1 5W 30 to t prevent frying my engine-that recently happened).

After using with absolutelly great satisfaction a JZW stage 3 Viggen tune (thumbs up, John, and BTW, that ECU is on the way to you, expect some 21 days of delivery), I went a step ahead, to a MAPTUN Ecu, to match exactelly my hardware set-up. Flex Fuel, as well, stage 5 Viggen.
The results...yet to be seen.I will dyno it and let everyone know
BTW, I also got the new product from Maptun: the small device called MAPTUNER! It`s like a PPC, a full review coming up soon!

- exhaust manifold and downpipe wrapped up with heat bandage, to keep the engine bay temp lower;
- 3" Downpipe -Version 2, including Metallic Race Catalyst to withstand the abuse of a high output engine;
- dual exhaust cat-back (makes my SAAB go "brum-brum . This is also a full "bolt-on" dual exhaust system, cat-back. It came with all the required clamps, bolts, etc. Made by Jetex/Simon/JT. Quite silent as compared to stock!
I will have to redesign that rear bumper strip, to integrate better the exhaust mufflers and the tow-bar. I am thinking at a rear diffuser (sort-of M5 type), with the opening exactly on the tow-bar position. What do you guys think of the attached design? Any input welcomed! P.S. next week I will do the first mold. Pics will be uploaded asap

- stock audio system (think level 3) with radio-CD (Pioneer?) and
- a great AT2 from Mr. Levine (nice device that is actually working fine!). -Planning (maybe) a subwoofer/door speakers with subs included? Any brand/model to sugest? (although the stock system is more than enough, allowing also to listen to the great symphony of the engine!

- carefully checked and
- Viggen pressure plate & Spec Stage 3 clutch disc (a six point puch disc following);
- an Quaife LSD installed (makes a huge difference for putting to ground the power, especially when hardly accelerating and in turns);
- short shifter from GS (got it in early July, so I had already some time to enjoy this great upgrade-my extra positive comments on other topics here and on the product page).
- Status update: from Planning to undergoing!!!: 6 speeds upgrade -call me a stuborn !(I can confirm that the F40 gearbox with 6speeds from the 2.2 liters TiD fits in the place of the F25 gearbox! there are guys that did this retrofit in Sweden. Rickard is one of them, on a 9-3OG Conv.) So I sourced an F40 correct bellhouse (to be delivered Wednesday)...I also took the 9-3SS shifter and linkage (I will use Nick`s 9-3SS short-shift and upgraded mounts), an F40 Quaife LSD, a Sachs racing clutch kit (9-5 Pressure plate and 9-3SS friction plate, semi-organic), that will hold some 650 Nm.
What I need: a 9-5 flywheel (still considering the Abbott Racing billet one, instead a the Spec...);
F35 (Viggen or 9-5) driveshafts and a 20mm shorter shaft (on the left side)... a Sweden company (FIXIT) is make it custom;
some time to fabricate the chassis/body mount for the gearbox... pics to come

Other: Monday I will put the GenuineSaab Viggen style pedals, in the place of the "ultimate pedals" (pics of the ultimate ones). I think the Viggen pedals look right on spot in the vert...

IN THE FAR FUTURE: TAN leather seats and soft-top. Maybe there is a company that manufactures this on special order. Anyone knows? thanks!
Our SAABs deserve THE BEST!

Thumbs up/Props/Credentials: somehow in a random order:
- Nicholas Taliaferro (;
- John Z Williams (;
- Richard (;
- Sam Yueh (;
- Fredrik (;
- Rony (;
- Alisia ( her an easy baby-deliver);
and all the great guys that share theire knowledge and this forum, and other Saab online communities
(hey, you well know the guys!

Next step: to reinforce the gearbox for the final output. Maybe an F40 retrofited on the T7 engine...still pondering on this future project

The final output on E85 is some 360HP and 520Nm (Flex Fuel)....yeaahaaaa!

More to come...
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