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Ok, i think i hate this car already =(

So i got my '99 9-5 a little less than a week ago. First the left turn signal only wants to work some times, but lately doesnt work at all. Then the head lights are on all the time(when the ignition is on). The fogs go but can also be switched on/off b the high beam control(which doesnt turn the high beams on btw.) And the alarm started going off randomly so I unplugged the sirens, but now the flashers go off if i lock the car with the remote. ANd my horn doesnt work but all the fuses and relays are good.
My SID display doesnt work and i tried to fix it but some idiot that had the car before me, ripped the ribbon off when trying to fix it and taped i back on usng scotch tape.
If anyone has any suggestions that would help Id greatly appriciate it.
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